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We provide commercial accounts payable and non-payroll employee reimbursement services. ARC uses the Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) to receive invoices electronically from your vendors and route them to your CORs for review and approval. Our services include the following:

  • Commercial invoice processing including voucher examination and compliance with Prompt Pay regulations
  • Non-payroll employee reimbursements such as transit subsidy reimbursement
  • Processing of obligations not processed through Acquisition Departments such as SF-182s for training
  • Post payment invoice corrections
  • Period end expense accruals
  • Confidential payment processing such as employee settlements and claims
  • Weekly reporting of all invoices over 12 days not yet reviewed/approved by your CORs
  • Monthly Post Payment Audit Report of 10% of your IPP activity providing feedback on COR performance
  • IPP Help Desk support for vendors and CORs

Performance Metrics



Standard / Target

Prompt Payment Percentage of payments made in accordance with the Prompt Payment Act when agency provides payment approval at least five business days prior to the due date 99.5%
Proper Payments Percentage of proper payments, excluding customer errors 99.5%
Discounts Taken Percentage of available discounts taken when properly approved invoice is received three business days in advance of the discount date 99%

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