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Complete Platform Accessibility From Your Desktop

Imagine accessing the state-of-the-art in financial application software from any desktop in your organization.

This is today's cutting edge, and it's a working reality for ARC customers. Our suite of financial applications is entirely web-based. All you need is Internet access and a browser. (And ARC can provide that, as well.) No additional hardware or software is required.

So you get to concentrate on more important things. Imagine the savings!

Our suite of applications includes the following:

Oracle Federal Financials (OFF)

Oracle Federal Financials R12 is our core financial management system, providing purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, budget execution, project costing and billing, order management, inventory, and fixed assets functionality. Oracle Federal Financials is JFMIP-certified to meet federal government accounting needs. ARC personnel operate and maintain the system, ensuring top-notch support while keeping costs low.

ARC staff have also developed and implemented several proprietary add-ons to Oracle Federal Financials to integrate key activities such as e-payroll, procurement, purchase card, e-travel, Federal investments, grants, and IPAC collections.

[See this slide "System Overview" (PDF, 48KB) for an overview of each component of our Oracle-based platform.]

Oracle Discoverer (OD)

Oracle Discoverer is the customized reporting system that acts like a browser for the Oracle Federal Financials system. It's easy to use, and provides real-time access to data for the casual user and the financial expert alike. The latest version of Oracle Discoverer offers exciting new functionality, including an integrated reporting and analysis interface for relational and multi-dimensional (OLAP) data. It puts timely financial information on the desktops of managers and budget analysts in your agency.

Invoice Processing Platform (IPP)

Fully integrated with Oracle Federal Financials, the Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) is our electronic invoicing system.  Purchase orders and contracts are uploaded to IPP and are available for your vendors to submit invoices electronically. 

System edit checks ensure vendors submit all required information and results in proper invoices being routed to your invoice approvers for review.  Our workflow routing provides assurance that invoices are routed to the invoice approver designated by the Contracting Officer and system generated e-mail reminders are sent to your invoice approvers.

Vendors can elect to receive e-mail notification when payment is deposited into their bank account and can monitor the status of all invoicing activity.  With our fully automated process, it is not uncommon for vendors to receive payment within 3-5 days.

Compusearch PRISM

Fully integrated with Oracle Federal Financials, Compusearch PRISM is our procurement system. PRISM provides purchase requisition preparation, approval, and submission with real-time funds-checking (eliminating the need for costly manual checking). PRISM also delivers a wide range of procurement functionality for acquisition personnel. Value added services, such as Contract Administration, are available under our Procurement Services Business line.

Concur Government Edition (CGE)

True paperless processing is a benefit of CGE, ARC's EGov travel service. This state-of-the-art system allows remote users to process travel actions without having to transmit paper to the accounting provider. Value added services, such as CGE Help Desk Services, are available under our Travel Services Business line.


Using CitiBank's CitiDirect Government Purchase Card system, we're able to streamline the process of ordering and accounting for qualified purchases. Since CitiDirect is interfaced with Oracle Federal Financials, Government Purchase Card documents are posted in Oracle and automatically paid, thereby ensuring prompt payment. CitiDirect users have access to their account 24/7. Value added services, such as Purchase Card Program Administration, are available under our Procurement Services Business line.

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