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Intragovernmental Services

We provide intragovernmental payable and receivable services, which include Intragovernmental Payment and Collections (IPAC), Working Capital Funds, Intra-fund transfers, and Project related activity.

ARC receives Intragovernmental Payment and Collections electronically from your federal vendors and routes them to your Contracting Officer's Representatives (CORs) for review and approval.

We work with customer agencies to ensure compliance with Intragovernmental business rules and reconcile/eliminate differences.

Our services include the following:

  • Provide IPAC Delinquency List to customer agency management
  • Record Intragovernmental accruals in Oracle
  • Perform quarterly Intragovernmental reconciliations/eliminations
  • Process Projects, Tasks, Events, related Budgets, AR invoices and Receipts
  • Process Intragovernmental Accounts Receivables and unbilled revenue in Oracle
  • Retrieve IPAC documents from the IPAC system and record in Oracle
  • Process IPAC collections and record in Oracle
  • Troubleshoot IPAC interface issues and rejected transactions

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