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Budget execution system controls can be established to prevent spending beyond the budget plan or to allow spending over the budget plan amount at any level of your budget plan (appropriation/fund, apportionment, cost center, reporting category, project code and budget object code).

Accounting system controls are established to prevent the obligation of budget authority above the apportionment and appropriation levels (legal levels). Decisions on budget execution system control settings that permit or prevent spending over the budget plan (but not legal levels) are made by your agency. System controls are applied at the fund level after passage of appropriation legislation until the agency provides an appropriate budget plan. Upon receipt of the budget plan, system controls can be established at the level requested by the agency.

  • Shared systems give you more flexibility
  • Expert planning assistance
  • Online access to planning and budgeting systems
  • Personnel training and support
  • Detailed reporting helps determine areas of weakness
  • Responsive customer service

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