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The federal benefits system is complex. ARC knows it inside and out. Our employee benefits experts have the experience that helps make this complex system easier to navigate. We can help you better administer your employee benefits.

Our experts receive many accolades from our clients, both management and employees. Clients praise us for helping them more efficiently manage their employee benefits programs. Our clients will be the first to tell you how we excel at the following activities:

  • Provides counseling to employees on benefits programs such as the Thrift Savings Plan, health benefits, life insurance, and customer-specific benefits programs, and processes benefit elections for these programs
  • Provides retirement estimates and counseling to employees planning for retirement and prepares paperwork for employees who choose to retire. Ensures employees get the proper civilian and military credit to which they are entitled, and that they have been paying into the correct retirement system.
  • Resolves complex benefit issues, including FEHB, FEGLI, and retirement code errors.
  • Works with family members and beneficiaries to ensure they obtain the appropriate benefits in the event of a death.

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