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ARC IT provides a secure, managed environment spanning multiple architectures and technologies. We offer tiered hosting services spanning operating system platform support to highly customized managed offerings.

Services can be provided for production development, test, contingency, and disaster recovery systems. The reliability and performance of production systems hosted by ARC can be enhanced through the engineering and deployment of load-balanced high-availability solutions.

Our hosting services include multiple platform support options, including patch and vulnerability management, virus protection, monitoring, systems administration, and 24-hour access to our Service Desk.

Depending on need, Hosting may often require the inclusion of other services, including:

  • Vulnerability Testing and Assessment
  • Certification & Accreditation

ARC is proud to offer:

  • Platform Hosting
  • Application Hosting
  • Static Web Hosting
  • PKI Hosting at multiple levels

Talk to us today and we will help you determine your Hosting Service needs.

Hosting Levels

Tier 1 – Platform Hosting

Tier 1 hosting provides hardware and operating system (OS) support, giving you access to a supported platform (including storage and processor time) on which to deploy other systems.

This support includes monitoring, patching, backups, and troubleshooting up to the OS layer. (You would be responsible for middleware installation and configuration, application installation and configuration, operations, troubleshooting and monitoring.)

Tier 1 platform choices are dictated by Fiscal Service's architectural standards: business requirements deviating from these standards are considered Tier 3.

Tier 2

Tier 2 hosting provides standardized COTS/GOTS solutions on Tier 1 platforms. Tier 2 includes monitoring, patching, integration, backups and troubleshooting up to and including the application layer.

Typical Tier 2 services include:

  • Multiple solutions for web and n-tier application hosting, including mainframe, Unix, Linux, and Windows based database and application servers.
  • Application management services for popular COTS/E-Business suites including Oracle Applications and People Soft Enterprises.
  • Support for hosting, operations, and administration of PKI and/or directory services. PKI Services may be provisioned through shared or dedicated infrastructure, depending upon business requirements.

Tier 3

Tier 3 hosting is any customized solution that exceeds the definition of Tier 1 or 2. This may include hosting of non-standard platforms, integration of custom application code, or non-standard deployments of COTS solutions. Also, any requirements that exceed ARC's standard Service Level Objectives must be addressed via a Tier 3 solution.

Service Availability

All Hosting Services target 24/7/365 availability, except during scheduled maintenance windows.

Key Metrics

  • Service availability
  • Incident response time
  • Incident/request resolution time
  • Customer satisfaction

Major Cost Drivers

  • Service Level
  • Performance requirements
  • Storage and bandwidth requirements

Hosting Add-Ons

Storage Area Network

Storage Area Network (SAN) storage and backups of the data residing on the SAN can be provided, priced according to your data volume and backup schedule. Backup of local storage is available at Tiers 1 and above.

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