Invoice Processing Platform

Add Bill to Agency

If “BPD-Accounts Payable Branch” is not available as an option under the “Bill To Agency”, please take the below steps to assign the agency to users.

Note – These steps must be completed by an admin user.  If you are not an admin user, you will need to reach out to your company admin user to have them update your account.  If you do not know the admin user, please contact IPP Customer Support – contact info at the bottom of this sheet. 

  • Sign into the Invoice Processing Platform at
  • Use the sign in drop down in the upper right corner to select Collector.

  • Enter your User ID and Password.

  • Select the Admin tab, then select the UserID that needs updated.

  • Scroll down to Assign Agency- View Permission section and place a checkmark in the box for “BPD-Accounts Payable Branch”.  Then select OK to update your account.

Additional Assistance

IPP Customer Support Help Desk
(866) 973-3131
Standard Operating Hours:
Monday- Friday (Except Federal Holidays)
8:00 AM- 6:00 PM EST

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