Invoice Processing Platform

Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) - Adding Additional Users

Super Users have the authority to add additional user's IPP access. The first step is to log into IPP at and select Collector (Supplier) module using your User ID and Password. The IPP Collector home page will display.

Select the Admin tab. If the Admin tab is not available after signing into IPP, your access does not identify you as a Super User. If you are not sure who the Super User is for your company, please contact IPP Customer Support at 866-973-3131 or for assistance.

IPP Tabs with arrow pointing to the admin tab

There are two steps for adding additional users.

  1. Create Role (optional - recommended)
  2. Create User

Review the role descriptions prior to adding additional users to determine if a new role needs created or if a default role will be selected.

Role Descriptions

  1. Super User Role - Default Role. This administrative role is assigned to the primary CCR contact, who can share the role with other Users. There are three basic permissions:
    • User maintenance - Create new users or additional administrator users, and manage user accounts and permissions.
    • Viewing data for the Collector account, including detailed information of Treasury offsets and view federal tax information.
    • Create Invoices.
  2. View Offset Detail Role - Default Role.
    • Users can view detailed information of Treasury offsets and view federal tax information.
    • Create Invoices.
  3. General User Role - Recommended role created by Super User
    • View payment and invoice information if Permission box is checked.
    • Create invoices.

Creating Role

Select Create Role and enter required fields that are noted by asterisks.

IPP Admin Tab with arrow pointing to create role button Create Role Dialog Box with arrows pointing to the role name, role description, administrator type, and permissions input areas
  • Role Name - Your choice.
  • Role Description - Your choice.
  • Administrator Type - Check the optional field box User Management Authority, if the new role is to permit (EX. General User) the same permissions as the Super User.
  • Permissions - Check this box to permit users to view payment and invoice information.

Creating User

Select Create User and enter required fields noted by asterisks.

IPP Admin Tab with arrow pointing to create user button Create User Dialog Box with arrows pointing to the first name, last name, phone number, and user roles input areas
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

In the User Roles Assignments section, select the box specifying the role you are assigning to the new user.

  • Default roles will display.
  • Additional roles created by the Administrator will also display.

If View Offset Detail Role is checked, a warning will pop up stating the user will have access to federal tax information. Selecting OK confirms.

A pop up box with the followign message 'This system may contain federal tax information which is restricted to authorized users ONLY. Unauthorized access, use, or misuse of this data may contitute a violation of federal law and may subject the individual to criminal and civil penalties.'

A message will pop up when the user was successfully created. Your new user will be established and provided a User ID and Temporary Password within 24 hours. Maintain a record of organization users for the annual recertification.

Additional Assistance

For more information review the News and Training box on your IPP homepage for instructions and videos on how to add additional users and other relevant information.

IPP Customer Support Help Desk
(866) 973-3131
Standard Operating Hours:
Monday- Friday (Except Federal Holidays)
8:00 AM- 6:00 PM EST

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