Invoice Processing Platform

Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) - Invoice Submission Using IPP

  • Sign into the Invoice Processing Platform at
  • Use the sign in drop down in the upper right corner to select Collector.
IPP Homepage with and arrow pointing to the sign in as a collector option in the upper right hand corner
  • Enter your User ID and Password.
IPP Logon Page with arrows pointing at the userID and Password input boxes
  • On the Home Page, use % as a wildcard in the Quick Search field. Select Go to initiate the search.
IPP Collector Homepage with an arrow pointing to the quick search input box

All of your company's open purchase orders will populate.

  • Select the purchase order you would like create an invoice for by clicking on the purchase order number link.

Orders serviced by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service have a 3 digit customer identifier added to the beginning of each purchase order number.

IPP Collector quick results page with an arrow pointing to the purchase order results
  • From the Purchase Order screen, select the Create Invoice button located in the Status bar.
Purchase order screen with the no symbol over the create invoice button in the taskbar and a green arrow pointing to the create invoice button in the status bar
  • Complete all required fields marked with an asterisk before the invoice can be submitted.
Green arrows pointing to the required fields sections of the create invoice page
  • Attaching backup information.
    • Select Attachments at the bottom of the invoice screen
    • Attachments screen displays
    • Browse to locate file and double click on the file name
    • Select Attach and verify the attachment has been created by viewing File Name
    • Select the Back button
Attachments page with green arrows pointing to the browse, attach, and back buttons
  • At the bottom right of the screen select Submit.
Image of the submit, save as draft, and attachments buttons
  • Invoice Submission confirmation message.
Image of the submission confirmation message

Additional Assistance

Accounts Payable Help Desk
Phone: (304) 480-8000 Option 7
Standard Operating Hours:
Monday - Friday (Except Federal Holidays)
7:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST

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