Invoice Processing Platform

Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) - Payment Amount does not Reflect Invoice Amount

Log into IPP at and select Collector (Supplier) module. Enter your User ID and Password to access the IPP application. The IPP Collector home page will display.

There are two valid reasons that could result in an invoice payment being a lesser amount than the original invoice submission.

  • Discount was offered on the invoice
  • Treasury Offset

Checking Payment Status

  • Select All under Payment Status from the home page to display your payments for the last 120 days.
IPP Collector Sidebar with an arrow pointing to all under the heading payment status.
Status Definition
Settled This indicates that an invoice has been paid
Reduced This is a payment that has had a Treasury Offset. All Federal payments are eligible for offset, including wage, salary, retirement, vendor, expense reimbursement, certain benefits, travel advances, grants, fees, tax refunds, judgments etc.
Returned Payments listed under the returned button would be payments that have come back to us from the bank listed for ACH deposit due to the account was closed or the wrong account number etc.
  • Locate the invoice number and select the ACH Trace # link.
    • EFT Check Image will display.
    • If the Payment was reduced, the status will display Reduced.
List of payments for last 120 days with an arrow pointing to the first ACH Trace number.

Super Users/Administrators have access to review Treasury offsets. The information is not available to our offices as the information is confidential.

Additional Assistance

Accounts Payable Help Desk
Phone: (304) 480-8000 Option 7
Standard Operating Hours:
Monday - Friday (Except Federal Holidays)
7:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST

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