Invoice Processing Platform

Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) - Viewing and Correcting Rejected Invoices

Sign into IPP at and select Collector (Supplier) module. Enter your User ID and Password to access the IPP application. The IPP Collector home page will display.

If you received a notification your invoice was rejected, you should access IPP and view the reason the invoice was rejected. There are fields in the invoice that can be changed (corrected) when viewing the rejected invoice, providing an easy method of resubmitting the original invoice.

Viewing the Rejected Invoice

  • Select the Rejected link under Invoice Status.
IPP Collector Sidebar with an arrow pointing to the 'rejected' link.
  • Invoices rejected in the last 120 days will display.
List of rejected invoices for the past 120 days
  • Select either the View button or the Invoice number link to view the rejected invoice.
    • Comments explaining the reason for the rejection will be displayed at the top of the page.

Making Corrections and Resubmitting Invoices

If you would like to make any corrections and resubmit the invoice, the fields listed below can be changed while viewing the invoice.

  • Invoice Number (changing this number is not recommended)
  • Issue Date (must reflect current date)
  • Service Dates (Period of Performance)
  • Qty- (amount of the invoice)

Correct the data by typing over the incorrect information on the invoice, then resubmit by selecting the Submit button at the bottom of the invoice. Verify the invoice was submitted successfully.

Correcting Line or Schedule Numbers

Invoice Fields that cannot be changed in IPP.

  • Line Number
  • Schedule Number

A new invoice will need to be created in IPP if a change is needed to the line or schedule number. The invoice number must be a unique number to submit in IPP, as duplicate invoice numbers are not permitted. We recommend adding an A to the end of the original invoice number.

  • Example
    • Original invoice number - 1234
    • Revised original invoice number - 1234A

Additional Assistance

Accounts Payable Help Desk
Phone: (304) 480-8000 Option 7
Standard Operating Hours:
Monday - Friday (Except Federal Holidays)
7:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST

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