Invoice Processing Platform

Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) - Security Questions


Security questions are used by either the IPP system or the help desk representative to verify a user's identity prior to a password change/reset.

Types of Security Questions

  • Challenge
  • Shared Secret

Challenge Questions

  • A new user will need to answer only 3 of 6 questions.
  • Answers to challenge questions are converted to upper case.
  • The system uses these to test the user when doing self-service password resets.
    • Answer challenge questions in upper case.

Shared Secret

  • A new user should give a phrase for the shared secret such as "I have 2 children".
  • This is used by the IPP help desk representative to verify the user during a phone call.
  • The help desk representative can see the shared secret and will ask the caller "How many children do you have?" for verification.

Additional Assistance

IPP Customer Support Help Desk
Phone: (866) 973-3131
Standard Operating Hours:
Monday - Friday (Except Federal Holidays)
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST

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