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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Pay & Leave

Each job at CFPB is assigned to a pay range based on the major duties and responsibilities associated with the job. Your pay was set within that range based on consideration of the job duties, responsibilities and requirements, and your individual work experiences and expertise as described in your resume/application. Your salary is just a part of a larger benefits package that we offer.

As a Federal employee, you may be eligible for many different categories of leave. However, the two categories that you personally accrue balances are annual leave and sick leave. Annual leave is paid time off for any personal use. Sick leave is paid time off for medical reasons, such as medical appointments, illness, the adoption of a child or, in certain cases, the care of a family member. You will learn more about CFPB policies on your first day, and your supervisor can also answer questions you might have.

If you are a full-time employee (80 hours each two-week pay period), you will accrue annual leave based on your length of Federal service. If you have...

  • Less than 2 years of service, you will earn 4 hours per pay period (104 hours per leave year);
  • Between 2 and 14 years of service, you will earn 6 hours per pay period and 10 hours in the final pay period of the calendar year (160 hours per leave year); and
  • 14 years of service or more, you will earn 8 hours per pay period (208 hours per leave year).

You will also earn 4 hours of sick leave per pay period. You may be eligible to carry over up to 240 hours of annual leave from one calendar year to the next; there is no limit to the amount of sick leave carried over.

If you are a part-time employee (fewer than 80 hours every two weeks), you will earn annual and sick leave on a pro-rated basis depending on your work schedule.

If your appointment is less than 90 calendar days, you will not earn annual leave but will accrue sick leave.

If you are transferring from another Federal agency, your annual and sick leave balances will be added to your CFPB leave account when BFS/ARC receives your leave records from your previous agency. Alternatively, you may provide BFS/ARC with a copy of your final Earnings and Leave Statement showing your balances at time of transfer. These balances will be verified when BFS/ARC receives your official leave record. Any discrepancies will be corrected at that time.

Federal law (5 U.S.C. 6103) establishes the following paid holidays for Federal employees:

New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King Day
3rd Monday of January

Washington’s Birthday
3rd Monday of February

Memorial Day
Last Monday of May

Independence Day
July 4th

Labor Day
1st Monday of September

Columbus Day
2nd Monday of October

Veterans’ Day
November 11th

Thanksgiving Day
4th Thursday of November

Christmas Day
December 25th

Note: when a holiday falls on a non-workday, the holiday usually is observed on Friday (if it falls on Saturday) or Monday (if it falls on Sunday).

If you have any questions about pay or leave, contact BFS/ARC at 304-480-8400 or e-mail us at