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ARC Procurement Service is a complete service package. ARC's specially trained procurement experts evaluate your needs, prepare estimates and budgets, set benchmarks and administer all aspects of your contract procurement needs.

Expert Guidance

When you work with ARC Procurement Services, an ARC procurement specialist is assigned to direct the action from start to finish. Your specialist will work with you to help define your precise requirements and help guarantee acquisition of the exact service or item necessary to serve your agency's needs.

ARC Procurement Specialists:

  • Assist in writing a statement of work
  • Assist in writing evaluation plans
  • Assist in preparing the independent government cost estimate
  • Prepare your solicitation for success
  • Post your solicitation on the government-wide electronic system
  • Assist and advise in answering offers or questions during the solicitation phase
  • Write and distribute solicitation amendments, if required
  • Assist in organizing a technical evaluation team to review offers and develop a technical evaluation plan
  • Deliver proposals to the technical evaluation team for technical review
  • Assist the review team in pricing review
  • Help select contract awardees
  • Prepare contracts and supporting documentation
  • Conduct debriefings as required

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