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ConcurGov (Temporary Duty Travel)

ConcurGov is a web-based system that automates all aspects of travel. ConcurGov provides reservation and cost estimating capabilities using the government rates for per diem and POV mileage and the mandatory and suggested government programs for airlines, hotel and rental cars. Other pre-audits exist in the system to ensure compliance to other aspects of the FTR.

ConcurGov creates travel authorizations and electronically routes them to agency officials for approval and to the TMC for reservations fulfillment.

When the trip is completed, a travel voucher is prepared in ConcurGov. The traveler signs the voucher after passing the pre-audits and the system electronically routes for approval and subsequent payment to either the traveler's credit card or directly to the traveler.

moveLINQ (Relocation: PCS)

moveLINQ is a fully scalable, intuitive software application that works with our shared services platform to assist in all aspects of relocation management. It is cost effective and completely integrated with our other federal systems.

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