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ARC has extensive experience moving employees and their families when there is a need to permanently change their official station. ARC Travel Specialists and Travel Administrators can help you relocate employees, and help manage the relocation within your agency without straining resources.

ARC is staffed with people-oriented experts in the art and science of every aspect of relocation management. Many of our staff have attained designations in the relocation industry such as Certified Relocation Professional (CRP), Global Mobility Specialist (GMS), and Transportation Officer (TO).

We use advanced and secure moveLINQ software to plan, document and process each relocation case in detail.

ARC Relocation Management Services include:

  • Providing advice to agency managers on relocation benefit options
  • Keeping up to date on changes in government travel and relocation regulations
  • Experienced in the FTR, DSSR, FAM, and JTR
  • Prepare and process pre-relocation documents
  • Counsel employees about relocation allowances including Property Management and Home Sale Services (when applicable)
  • Manage the move, including packing and shipment of household goods
  • Assist employee with travel arrangements
  • Prepare and process employee vouchers
  • Process third party real estate payments
  • Make tax payments
  • Prepare W-2s

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