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Travel Services Division administers responsive and cost effective travel and relocation services to the Fiscal Service and our other federal agency customers.

Travel Agency to the Federal Government

A full-service, stand-alone travel partner for your own agency, that's what ARC Travel Services offers. Take advantage of the cost savings from shared systems, and lose the headache of in-house travel planning. We can do it all for you!

Travel Document Processing

ARC uses a state-of-the-art web-based travel expense reporting software called ConcurGov. Detailed, accurate and fast, ConcurGov helps ARC travel experts process travel documents for any expedition. ARC's travel process is in compliance with the President's Management Agenda (PMA) and E-Gov Travel and adheres to all Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) requirements.

Travel Management Centers

Total travel management, from planning to arrival and return; ARC is the best travel partner. ARC has multiple travel management centers (TMCs) available with highly experienced travel agencies. Electronic booking is accomplished in ConcurGov, or reservations can be made with experienced agents at a higher cost.

Citibank Charge Card Program Administration

Convenient, centrally billed and individual government travel charge card services are available through Citibank.

Employee Relocation

Coming or going, ARC provides full relocation services and management for transferring employees and their agencies. ARC uses moveLINQ, a relocation expense management system developed by mLINQS, to process relocations for its customers. We provide entitlement counseling, move management services, authorization and voucher preparation, tax payments and more. We also have our own BPA from the GSA Schedule for Home Sale Services and Property Management Services.

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