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Our Proven Process

Keeping systems up to date and making sure that administrative processes and procedures are compliant with the ever-changing federal environment can distract you from your central mission. Refocus with ARC.

ARC is a proven leader, delivering administrative products and services that streamline your processes and keep your costs competitive. ARC is your one-stop shop for all your administrative needs.

Shared Services - It Works (And It Pays)!

Focus on your core mission and allow us to focus on ours - making you more productive. By creating an efficient administrative platform and eliminating duplicative functions, the ARC arm of the Treasury Franchise Fund has developed a "Shared Services" business model that virtually guarantees your agency's marketplace success.

What is a Shared Service Provider?

Too often in the federal landscape we find duplicate systems and processes. A Shared Service provider is a multi-function system that gives you the benefits of shared platform and implementation costs. In a shared services environment, agencies own their data but not the technology to process it. This saves the agencies money on hardware and software without losing control and accountability of their financial or human resources data. ARC is a shared service provider offering a broad range of administrative services to the entire federal community. ARC eliminates duplicate systems and provides system platforms that can be shared by many - thus reducing your costs, and letting you get about your business without worrying about administrative concerns.

Primary Benefits of Shared Services for Government Agencies

  • Reduced capital investment costs
  • Enhanced focus on core results
  • Increased administrative service productivity

Demonstrated Success

The Administrative Resource Center provides:

  • 44 organizations with financial management services
  • 61 organizations with travel services
  • 45 organizations with procurement services
  • 32 organizations with HR services
  • 14 organizations with information technology services
  • 13 organizations with budget formulation and execution manager (BFEM) services

The consolidation of these federal organizations onto a shared systems platform has provided substantial savings to each of them. These agencies benefit from better licensing costs, large-volume discounts, timely software upgrades, and more competitive maintenance and operational costs.

Let us give you just one example of how this helps you. (We like this example because it's close to home.)

The Department of the Treasury used to have a decentralized administrative service environment where duplicate systems were the norm. There were 14 different Bureaus and organizations within Treasury running their own accounting, procurement, travel and HR platforms. Each organization trained separate staffs to manage their systems and process their transactions.

With the help of ARC, Treasury now benefits from a shared services environment where most entities share systems on a single integrated platform. In addition, many of the Bureaus take advantage of ARC's experienced staff to process their transactions and provide their reporting.

ARC sets the standard for federal administrative services delivery:

  • Efficiency
  • Reduced overhead
  • Accountability comparable to the private sector
  • Timely information
  • Increased buying power

With ARC tackling the responsibilities of systems and personnel, you can avoid costly system implementations or upgrades. Personnel turnover will no longer be an issue when you work with ARC, whose stable workforce provides great service. ARC also provides economies of scale to their customers. This is seen as beneficial not only by our customers, but by the federal government at large.

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