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Products and Services

Core Services

Investing in new infrastructure and technology (and the time it takes to train staff) can quickly drain agency resources and be counterproductive. One call to ARC can help you preserve resources and still take advantage of today's state-of-the-art technology. When you partner with the leader in federal administrative resource development, you take advantage of ARC's wide array of competitively priced, customer-focused, solution-driven services.

Financial Management

Today's federal financial management is more complex than ever. ARC helps improve your financial management with a knowledgeable staff, state-of-the-art technical solutions and personal service. We're a full-service accounting operation offering Oracle Federal Financials, an FSI0 certified Financial Management system.

Our financial management services include:

  • State-of-the-art Internet-based financial management system with complete system administration and help desk support
  • Functioning suite of standard interfaces to a number of government-wide applications and feeder systems
  • Transaction processing for a wide variety of transaction and fund types
  • Reporting and reconciliation by dedicated professionals who are familiar with your business
  • Experienced and professional implementation and conversion services
  • Budget services, including reporting and payroll projections.

Investment Accounting

ARC provides federal agencies with a full range of services for their own investment portfolios. ARC can customize these services to meet your agency's investment needs, including detailed reporting and efficient portfolio management.

Our Investment Accounting Services include:

  • Cost-efficient Investment Processing
  • SF 224 reporting to reflect monthly investment activity to the Financial Management Service
  • Calculation and preparation of accrual and amortization reports to assist quarterly reconciliation of governmental investment accounts
  • Submission of Intragovernmental Fiduciary Confirmation System (IFCS) data
  • Preparation of FACTS I and II reporting for investment transactions
  • Audit assistance with funds maintained by ARC
  • Maintenance of both electronic and paper support documentation for at least 6 years for all BPD investment accounts
  • New tech seminars and annual customer updates


ARC facilitates your business travel or employee relocation needs. Our state-of-the-art, Internet-based travel system, administered by our travel specialists, processes all your travel documents from initial authorizations to final vouchers.

Our full range of travel-related services includes:

  • Travel Document Processing
  • Travel Management Center
  • Citibank Charge Card Program Administration
  • Employee Relocation

Human Resources

The scale and complexity of Federal Human Resources Management is unprecedented. ARC can help you find the best possible people for your agency or organization. ARC offers a full range of HR services.

Our Human Resources Services include:

  • State-of-the-art systems (HR Connect, webTA, etc.)
  • Position Classification
  • Staff Acquisition
  • Personnel Actions Processing and Record Keeping
  • Pay and Leave Administration
  • Employee Benefits
  • Labor and Employee Relations
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Personnel Security


ARC simplifies the government procurement process. ARC's customer-service oriented staff and automated Internet-based PRISM acquisition system, fully integrated with our Oracle Federal Financial System, helps you navigate procurement procedures with ease and efficiency.

Our Procurement Division offers a complete range of services. We can award and administer large dollar complex contracts or provide simplified acquisition support.

Procurement Services include:

  • Contract Acquisitions
  • Contract Administration
  • Simplified Acquisitions
  • Service Benchmarks

Information Technology

ARC is committed to helping you build and maintain a productive, easy-to-use IT system. ARC partners with you to provide every level of IT support. ARC's skilled techs are customer focused, and dedicated to your IT needs.

Our fully scalable IT Services run the gamut:

  • Newest technologies
  • Consulting Services
  • Hosting Services
  • Security Services
  • IT Service Desk availability