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OMB’s New Strategy for Shared Services

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) recently announced a new strategy that will help agencies engage with shared service providers more efficiently and effectively.  This new strategy supports the President’s Management Agenda, Cross-Agency Priority Goal 5, Sharing Quality Services.  As an ARC customer, you already know that shifting administrative services to shared service providers, like ARC, allows you to more clearly focus on your core mission.  ARC will continue to provide these quality administrative services to each of our customer agencies.

OMB’s new strategy includes the designation of several agencies to serve as Quality Service Management Offices (QSMO) for different shared service business lines.  ARC provides services to our customers in several of those business lines, including Financial Management, Human Resources, Travel, and Procurement.  We are excited to support the implementation of the QSMO strategy and have already started to engage with the agencies designated to provide QSMO support.  As a result of our preliminary discussions, we’re confident that the strategic direction of each QSMO is supportive of the administrative services that ARC has provided for the last 20 years.  As a provider, we’ve learned that shared services work best when we can standardize processes, consolidate systems, and automate transactions.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with the QSMOs to spread these principles across the Federal government.

ARC will work closely with our business line QSMOs, especially over the next several months as OMB’s strategy takes shape.  We will continue to provide information to you through our website and newsletters, as well as directly engaging with each of your agency points of contact.  Later this summer, you can join us at the ARC Customer Meeting on June 27th in Washington, D.C., to get additional information about our work with the QSMOs.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to your Customer Service Representative.

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