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Welcome to ARC, the Administrative Resource Center. We are a federal government agency, part of the U.S. Department of Treasury's Bureau of the Fiscal Service.

We can help your agency succeed by delivering responsive, cost effective administrative support-focused on you and your needs.

See why you should choose ARC in Managing Change and Expectations in a Shared Services Environment.

  • Best Customer Service: Our strong values include accurate, reliable and responsive customer service.
  • Experienced, Well-Trained Staff: The dedication, quality and stability of our staff will provide your agency with an experienced, well-trained support system.
  • Oracle Platform: Our state-of-the-art Oracle Platform provides an easy to use, secure Internet-based infrastructure.
  • Easy to Use Systems: Internet-based services put daily business activities at your fingertips.
  • Quality and Value: We embrace our responsibility to our customer so we can provide the best value possible.

Workflow Management Project

ARC is constantly striving for process improvements. Our team recognizes that as ARC's customer base has expanded, we also need to modernize our workflow management model as well.

As you may already be aware, ARC Financial Management (FM) is leading an effort to implement an integrated workflow process/communication tool to streamline the exchange of transactional requests between ARC and our agency customers.

For our customers, accomplishing everyday tasks with ARC should be as seamless as possible, and the status of work should be transparent and easily traceable from initiation to completion.

For our staff, providing excellent customer service should be easily manageable with the tools necessary in a single solution, and without the need to maintain multiple links and manual processes to ensure work is received and completed timely.

In August, we announced in the quarterly Financial Systems Advisory Committee (FSAC) meeting that we were gathering requirements for the new workflow management tool.

We also reached out to our ARC Communications mailing group via an online survey to learn more about the greatest gaps and needs for better workflow communications with ARC from the viewpoint of our user community.

Now that the team is nearing completion of requirements, we'll provide updates as we progress through future phases of the project.

For additional information, contact one of the ARC project representatives below:

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