Financial Management Services

Budget Formulation and Performance Management

The Administrative Resource Center (ARC) provides strategic planning, budget formulation, and performance management shared services to federal agencies and organizations using the Budget Formulation and Execution Manager (BFEM) application.

Customers use the Budget Formulation capabilities to:

  • Collect and aggregate financial and human resource allocations/requests and their justifications to support formulation of an agency's budget,
  • Create budget sets that maintain distinct phases of the budget process with full audit trails and track changes on the budget, and
  • Generate analytical reports and budget documents such as the OMB Submission, Congressional Justifications, Budget Summary, and MAX A-11.

Customers use the Performance Management capabilities to:

  • Define measures, goals, and milestones, and support distributed data calls for collection of all defined measures,
  • Control reporting periods, provide exception reporting, and compare metrics to forecasts and actual performance,
  • Support inclusion of measures into budget formulation documents, and
  • Generate the Annual Performance Plan (APP), Annual Performance Report (APR), and GRPA Act of 2010 ( machine readable report.

Customers use the Strategic Planning capabilities to:

  • Create a baseline budget by applying inflation factors at any level, and to analyze and adjust the baseline,
  • Develop and perform analysis of strategic initiatives or options, capturing the narrative description, cost analysis, and performance analysis of an option in a single system
  • Build scenarios by approving or disapproving specific options to see the impact of decisions on the budget, and
  • Produce strategic planning documents with dynamic tables linked to both performance and budget data.

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