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Be a partner with the provider that engineers, designs and implements the IT backbone for the federal government's largest business applications, databases and communications networks: The Administrative Resource Center.

Not only is ARC the premier shared service provider of administrative services in the federal government, we also provide state-of-the-art IT support with the same commitment to value and service. And instead of investing your valuable resources in new technology, you can take advantage of ARC's more economical shared system platform.

Our mission is to provide cost effective professional information technology services to government agencies.

Staff Expertise

Your concern may not be simply technological. You may also be concerned about partnering with an IT provider who is familiar with government methods and practices, or who is certified in their discipline.

ARC is steeped in government standards and practices. Our staff possesses numerous certifications, including CISSP, PMP, Red Hat, and ITIL.

Combine this thorough knowledge of government practices with decades of experience in state-of-the-art technology, widely recognized industry certifications, continuing education, public-sector competitiveness and customer service. This is the kind of skill ARC brings to federal IT service. The unique combination of expertise gives ARC staffers the edge in planning, executing and supporting effective IT solutions for your government agency.

Our Performance Record

ARC's Information Technology services help government agencies with systems geared to basic office administration, the sensitive secure sales of debt instruments, and all levels of service in between. ARC is the low-cost, full-service alternative to making an extreme investment in your own systems and services. We provide the planning, execution, training and support that give you the clear technological advantage.

  • Complete system planning
  • All levels of technology supported
  • Shared systems lower costs, raise productivity
  • Secure hosting
  • IT Service Desk available 24/7

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and knowledgeable, personal service has given our growing list of IT customers the professional edge time and time again.

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The Bureau of the Fiscal Service has conducted numerous C and A's on various platforms for our agency and has always produced comprehensive and meticulous results in a very professional manner. I would recommend the Bureau of Public Debt to all agencies seeking to improve their C and A process. OPM dotted line

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