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Since 1997, the experts at ARC Travel Services have given federal financial managers the ability to meet all of their travel processing needs without purchasing and maintaining expensive new software, or training staff to operate a new system. We are the federal government's travel agency.

Shared Services Success

Our shared services platform results in massive savings without duplicating processes and confusing systems. We pass that efficiency and savings along to you! Use our extensive and economical resources to lower your costs and enhance your agency's effectiveness while always in compliance with the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR), E-Gov Travel, and the President's Management Agenda.

With our state-of-the-art travel planning software your agency can make plans at the drop of a hat, or schedule long-term travel plans, with little or no hassle.

Staff Expertise

ARC's Travel Services Division is a highly trained, people-oriented service provider with a long history of success. We have provided exemplary, cost effective service to a wide variety of government agencies.

We keep up to date on the extensive government policies concerning travel, including all rules and regulations, with ongoing systems and application training. The ConcurGov software enables us to provide prompt, efficient, and accurate service.Does your agency use ConcurGov? We can train you to use it even more efficiently!

Our dedicated customer service representatives are totally focused on your travel needs, just like a regular travel agent. We have your best interests in mind when assisting you in planning, budgeting and executing even the most complex travel plans.

Official travel is difficult enough these days. Simplify your agency's travel by leaving the driving (or flying, or train travel) to us.

Travel Alone or Together

ARC Travel Services offers a wide range of modern, responsive travel support either as a part of our overall accounting services or as a standalone service.

  • Automated Routing and Review of Travel Documents and Reservations with Travel Management Center Integration
  • Payments and Citibank Charge Card Program Administration
  • Post Payment Audits and Reporting
  • Employee Relocation (Permanent Change of Station)

We are always available to assist with your questions and inquiries, and we take great pride in working to help save government agencies money and time in all matters relating to government travel.

Get on board with the most cost effective way to schedule and execute your travel plans: ARC Travel Services.

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