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External reporting services include the preparation of all monthly, quarterly, annual and other ad hoc reports to satisfy agency reporting requirements, including but not limited to the following:

  • GTAS Governmentwide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance
  • TIER Treasury Information Executive Repository
  • USASpending.gov accuracy rate and reconciliation
  • Financial Statements, variance analysis, and footnotes; as applicable
  • Statement of Budgetary Resources to SF133 Reconciliation
  • Various other account reconciliations to ensure data integrity
  • GFRS - Government-wide Financial Report System
  • DATA Act Reporting

Internal reporting services perform and assist the customer with the following:

  • Custom agency-specific reporting using Discoverer
  • Shared systems allowing you to concentrate on the information, not the systems
  • Fast reports with online access
  • Report-writing services and user training support
  • Multiple formats of reports and exported data
  • Provide financial management advice
  • Responsive customer service
  • Primary accountant who serves as your liaison to FM services

Performance Indicators:

  • Reporting and maintenance tasks completed by established due dates
  • Unqualified audit opinions for items under ARC control and responsibility

Highly-Trained and Expert Standard General Ledger Reporting

Proprietary and budgetary accounting entries are recorded in the accounting system using USSGL attributes at the transaction level. This is accomplished by using a combination of transaction code, system setup, and data entry in the accounting system. To ensure USSGL accuracy, ARC performs the following:

  • Validating agency defined accounting flexfield values and cross validation rules to be setup in Oracle.
  • Review and comment on proposed guidance from the annual FASAB and TFM meetings.
  • Update Oracle USSGL structure based on changes to the TFM.
  • Provide advice and assistance determining USSGL posting logic for transactions.

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