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A Focus on Functional HR Support

ARC's human resources (HR) business line focuses on offering strong, functional HR support for today's most demanding employee pools. We've honed our skills through years of management in the complex arena of federal human resources for a variety of agencies both large and small. By taking advantage of our shared resources in state-of-the-art people management software and expertise, you can concentrate on accomplishing your mission with a higher-level of staff competency than ever before.

ARC HR provides support in the areas of:

  • personnel actions processing and recordkeeping,
  • pay and leave administration,
  • staff acquisition,
  • employee benefits,
  • workers' compensation, and
  • HR applications.

Our people

Over 200 highly trained, experienced and sensitive ARC HR professionals (and their support staff) are here to meet your HR needs. Our level of service can be customized to meet your unique needs. Our customers benefit from our minimal turnover and our ability to attract well-qualified staff, building relationships that result in better productivity for you.

Dedicated and specialized customer support

When you work with ARC, you get the benefit of a specialized staff assigned to your specific program. Our people get to know your people, your culture and your needs. We form strong bonds, and embrace the concept of developing our staff as specialists, rather than generalists. This gives them an unprecedented depth of knowledge about relevant HR issues and solutions. When you work with ARC, you work with a specialist who works for you.

Our experience

ARC is dedicated to all aspects of HR. Our long experience with the complex world of federal agency HR gives us deep knowledge of virtually all HR situations. The diversity of our experience allows us to provide solutions to the gamut of our customers' HR needs and issues.

ARC is often called on by Treasury and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to contribute to projects and programs which are designed to influence and improve the federal Human Resources community.

Our flexibility

While ARC enjoys the relationships with its current business partners and vendors, ARC has the flexibility to explore new possibilities. This ensures that you benefit from solutions that meet your needs, not just those that conform to a current general business model.

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Words cannot express my gratitude for all the hard work the ARC staff has done to ensure a smooth transition from ATF on HR Services as well as the complex challenges facing our accounting transition. Tax and Trade Bureau, Department of the Treasury dotted line

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