Human Resources Services

Personnel Actions Processing & Record Keeping

With the help of our personnel action processing staff, with years of dedicated HR experience, you will receive the following support from ARC:

  • Processing Requests for Personnel Actions (SF-52s) including input to the personnel/payroll system
  • Processing corrections including input to the personnel/payroll system, correcting the personnel folder, requesting manual pay adjustments, and monitoring related indebtedness
  • Coordinating with the customer agency to resolve problems with personnel actions that are rejected by the payroll provider
  • Handling all contact with the payroll provider
  • Processing withholding documents
  • Preparing notifications for within-range increases and probationary periods
  • Processing court-ordered garnishments, child support and alimony, and other administrative payments and debts and notifying the employee
  • Processing reorganizations, including establishing new organizational structures and realigning existing organizational structures
  • Replying to employment verification requests
  • Maintaining and ensuring the protection of traditional hard copy personnel folders and the new electronic personnel folders, depending upon the customer's needs

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