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The World's Largest Human Resources Job

The scale and complexity of federal human resources management is unprecedented. ARC delivers a full range of integrated professional HR services that solve complex HR issues every day. By allowing us to handle your HR operations, you will have more success fulfilling your agency's mission. We provide HR services to over 30 customers, and our services are customized according to their specific needs. Our highly capable HR professionals are broadly skilled, deeply experienced, and sensitive to your specific needs, as well. Put them to work for your agency today.

Personnel Actions Processing & Record Keeping

ARC's processing staff is adept at all aspects of personnel action processing, including:

  • Full-scale payroll conversions
  • On-going customer support in processing personnel actions and payroll documents
  • Handling employee garnishments and payments for child support and alimony
  • Working with our payroll provider to support the needs of our customers

Our record keeping function works with both the traditional hardcopy personnel folders and the new electronic personnel folders, depending upon your needs.

Pay & Leave Administration

Our pay and leave staff offers strong expertise on a variety of pay and leave administration matters and can help your agency transition to our federalized, automated time and attendance platform. Once implemented, our staff administers the system as well as provides systems training. This experienced staff works with your payroll provider to ensure that your employees are paid in a timely and accurate fashion, and that employee leave balances are tracked correctly.

Staff Acquisition

Our staff assists management in meeting their hiring needs by providing advice and guidance on the various hiring programs and the intricate Federal staffing process. They work with your merit promotion plans and bargaining unit agreements to fill positions and provide support throughout the process from the posting of the vacancy announcement to making the job offer.

Employee Benefits

Our employee benefits staff works with employees to answer their questions on the various benefits programs such as the Thrift Savings Plan, flexible spending accounts, health insurance, dental and vision benefits, life insurance, long-term care insurance, and retirement programs. Our staff has the experience and flexibility to work with customer-unique benefits programs. We can also help you administer award programs.

Workers' Compensation

ARC's workers' compensation team ensures employees and supervisors get the advice and support they need to deal with a workplace injury or illness. They also work with you to help manage your return to work program, ensuring employees prompt return.

HR Applications

Our HR Systems Help Desk provides system support for HRConnect (including submodules), webTA, Entrance on Duty System (EODS), CareerConnector, Workforce Analytics, NFC, Employee Personal Page (EPP), Integrated Talent Management (ITM) Learning and Performance for Treasury Bureaus, among others. Examples of types of support include access/user role maintenance, log in assistance, navigation assistance, end user training and system configuration. HR Reports services, such as personnel action, workforce, payroll, work years, and personnel costs reports are available to managers, HR and EEO. You can also contact us if you don't know who to contact for HR assistance and we will direct you.

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