Financial Management Services Overview

One-Stop Financial Management Administration

ARC is the one-stop shop for all of your financial management needs. Our menu of services is long, but we never lose sight of the personal service that gives you the security of a partner in success.

We offer a complete range of accounting and budget services. On one end of the spectrum, we can provide total accounting and budget support including transaction processing, system setup and support, and comprehensive reporting. At the other end, if all you need is a financial management system, we can provide a fully-integrated, state-of-the-art application configured to meet your needs. We can also provide services at any level in between.

Our financial management services include:

  • Processing accounting transactions for single, multi, and no-year appropriated funds, as well as revolving and trust funds.
  • Preparing financial statements and other useful financial management reports.
  • Providing financial audit support.
  • Budget services including payroll projections.

Our integrated, Internet-based financial system, combined with our experienced and dedicated staff, makes ARC your best value for financial management administration.

System Conversions

The Administrative Resource Center (ARC) hosts a full service customer conversion process. In doing so, ARC follows strict project management methodologies and techniques to ensure your conversions are successful from start to finish.

System Administration & Help Desk

Our staff provides you with a central point of contact for application configuration and maintenance as well as assisting end-users with software functionality questions for Oracle E-Business Suite and Compusearch PRISM software applications.


Our experienced training staff offers end-users functionality training on Oracle E-Business Suite, Compusearch PRISM, and CitiDirect software applications.

Transaction Processing

Transaction processing includes a full range of accounting transactions necessary to maintain a complete general ledger, including budgetary transactions, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, fixed assets, and periodic entries.

Cash Services

We provide cash disbursement, check deposit, Central Accounting Reporting System (CARS) reporting and Fund Balance with Treasury (FBwT) reconciliation services.

Federal Investments

We provide investment services to a wide range of federal agency customers, including the recording and reconciliation of federal investment activity and accounts balances.

Grants, Loans, and Foreign Payment Services

ARC provides timely and accurate grant processing services to our customers.

Accounts Receivable/Receivable Reporting/Debt Collection

The Accounts Receivable (AR) Branch processes receivable related financial transactions, performs debt collection activities, and prepares AR related reports.

Account Maintenance & Reconciliation

Account maintenance and reconciliation includes the establishment of accounting codes and related cross validation rules, as well as monthly reconciliations of certain general ledger accounts to detail records or external sources.

Reporting Services

Our highly trained and expert Standard General Ledger Reporting services include the preparation of financial reports for both internal (agency) and external use. It includes required external financial reporting to Treasury and OMB, such as but not limited to GTAS, TIER, DATA Act, GFRS, financial statements, and footnotes.

Audit Support

Support is provided to assist in your agency's annual financial statement audits. Auditors enjoy working with ARC accounting personnel, who are always helpful and prepared to respond to audit requests.

Budget Execution

Budget execution includes establishing and maintaining the accounting system reports needed by your agency to monitor available budget authority. Budget plans can be established at any of the accounting code levels.

Budget Formulation and Performance Management

The Budget Formulation and Performance Management service - BFEM - is a provider of strategic planning, budget formulation, and performance management shared services to federal agencies and organizations.

Payroll, Vendor, and Card Services

Our Payroll, Vendor, and Card services include functions related to payroll accounting, processing purchase and fleet card transactions, vendor set-up, and 1099 reporting.

Intragovernmental Services

We provide intragovernmental payable and receivable services, which include Intragovernmental Payment and Collections (IPAC), Working Capital Funds, Intra-fund transfers, and Project related activity.

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